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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time Management ? What is that !!!!

There i go again, as you can see i have not been able to post as much as i want too and this time i also missed the Weekly Movie Recommendation for last week which i have been told is eagerly waited by millions of people around the globe !!! ....... Ok, i admit i made that up....not millions but i am sure(hope) atleast some of you would have been checking what movie i have for you week after week.

So as a compensation for last week, in my next immediate post, along with the Weekly Movie Recommendation, i also would like to share the future of mobile phones thanks to Android, which is an open source platform for mobile phones started by Google(yes they are their best yet again). Though this video is more on the technical topic of things and geeks would be more inclined to savor this, the reason i am sharing this with you here is because i feel this particular mobile platform(other platforms are the Symbian, Java, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and so on) will change the way EACH and EVERY having a mobile phone uses his/her mobile phone in their day to day life.

The future is here and now !

So if you want a glimpse, make sure you keep a check on my next post !!!

Till then adieu...

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