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Monday, May 18, 2009

Woo-Hoo!! Got Nominated For Animation Mentor(AM) Student Choice Awards !

I write this post with utmost humility and humbleness. I have been nominated for Animation Mentor(AM) Student Choice Awards in the category of Forum Ninja and it feels so awesome !

What Forum Ninja actually means is some one who has been actively and creatively involved in the AM Community thru the inbuilt Forum on the school online campus.

For me Forums is a very strong and immensely helpful facet of AM, more so because AM is an entirely online school compared to the other convention brick-and-mortor Animation schools. So the best and fastest way to interact with my fellow students and not just from my class is thru Forums.

To be frank I never imagined to be bestowed by this wonderful gesture by the AM Community and this just re-affirms my faith in AM all the more.

Winning or losing is totally irrelevant as being nominated itself is a huge honor for me considering that these awards are based entirely on the feedback from Students.

Thank you AM !



Josh Corken said...

Congratulations Ani!

Sounds like you're really doing well there and I think AM will prepare you for your future. Good luck!

@b said...

hey Josh ! thanks buddy ! just doing the best I can ! :-)