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Monday, March 3, 2008

Animation Podcast

Beginning this week, i will be updating as and when a new podcast appears on ANIMATION PODCAST.

Animation Podcast is a site started by Clay Kaytis, who is a supervising animator in Disney. You can read more about Clay Kaytis here.

As to what is Animation Podcast about, this is what Clay has to say -


It’s unfortunate that the lessons and knowledge of many of animation’s past masters only exist in written transcripts of lectures, inteviews or second-hand accounts. It’s always exciting for me to come across a film or audio clip of an animator from years ago, since it gives a glimpse into the era in which they worked and it provides a record of who that person was.

I am honored to work with and meet many of the most talented people in animation today. These individuals have provided me with a continuous education whether it concerns the mechanics and technicalities of building a scene, or the observation and study of movement, acting, and entertaining.

My goal in making The Animation Podcast is to present today’s voices in animation in their own words to create an audible record that is hopefully a source of knowledge, insight, and inspiration for me as well as you.

Thanks for tooning in,


So make sure you keep checking back here, to be updated as and when a new podcast is released. They are an enormous source of good animation right from the best people in the business like JAMES BAXTER, DALE BAER, RAY HARRYHAUSEN to name a few.

The latest is with James Baxter, its part 2.

Catch the part 1 too.

All the previous Animation Podcasts here.

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