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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Woo-Hoo ! I Am The Winner Of The Animation Mentor Student Choice Award !!!

You read that right !

Just a few hours before, Animation Mentor had their graduation ceremony in San Francisco, US, where I was announced as the winner in the category : Forum Ninja !
(Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the graduation in person)

This is a huge honor for me and I am totally ecstatic at the moment !

Thanks a million to Animation Mentor, you all rock !



P.S. -For more details on what the award is about, kindly visit my earlier post when I was nominated !


Josh Corken said...

DUDE! Congratulations!

That's such good news and does not surprise me one bit. Well done my good man. Well done!

@b said...

thanks Josh !

we are as good as the company(friends) we keep ! :D

Sisca Diana Halim said...

Anirudh congratulation .. ..just found your blog :)

Sam said...