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Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekly Movie Recommendations : 15th March 2008 - 21st March 2008

Yes "that" movie is Taare Zameen Par. The directorial debut of the outstanding Indian actor par excellence Aamir Khan.

Genre - Drama
Language - Hindi
Cast - Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tisca Chopra
Whats It About - About a kid's struggling with dyslexia.
Why To Watch It - This is one of the finest films to have come out in recent times and specially last year across all categories and languages, whether Hindi, English, French, etc.

This is one of those movies, which not only entertains but acts as an enlightenment to your inner self. Its like a wake up call, an eye opener, that wake up this is real.

The kid played by Darsheel Safary, has played the part with utmost perfection. Even after the movie you just cant separate him from his character in the movie. Add to the burden of being the lead protagonist, carrying the entire canvas of the movie from beginning till the end and playing a rather sensitive role of a dyslexic child is no easy task by any means, even for more grown up actors let alone a child. But this is where Darsheel Safary as shown exemplary talent thru his brilliant performance. If the actors role is to get the audience involved, he has succeeded beyond imagination by making the audience feel the same emotions has his family encounters thru out the story. Now it doesn't get more closer than this.

Now to the other supporting actor who in fact is the producer and director of this movie, Aamir Khan. In this age of slick editing, masala commercial flicks, he is one actor who has always gone against the tide and has always come out triumphantly and unscathed. He is proved that film making is much more than getting the audience to the screens, have them enjoy 3 hours of entertainment along with popcorn and cola and also earning money(loads) in the end. And consider the fact that its his directorial debut, i must say Aamir Khan has arrived as a Director with laudable story telling skills and a force to reckon with in this business of making movies.

Overall Taare Zameen Par is a MUST see for everyone, whether parents(specially), kids, people of age group and all nationality. Though its based upon a very sensitive issue of Dyslexia the way its been handled by Aamir Khan is extra ordinary. Instead of grieving and sympathizing with the issue of Dyslexia he has given a completely new perspective and a very positive one at that. He has proved yet again that he is indeed a perfectionist at his craft of acting and now directing. He has shown that a good actor is never bigger than the character he is playing. When the real personality(even a small tint of it) gets seen on the screen, the actor has failed in his endeavors(and his job) of playing the character in the movie. In
Taare Zameen Par we completely forget the real Aamir Khan and instead we are consumed by his on screen character completely. This is what true character performances is all about. Though the original movie is in Hindi, get a DVD with English or whatever language subtitles you are comfortable in and get engrossed in this gem of a movie wrapped up in brilliant cinematic aesthetics.

To NOT watch the movie for any excuse would be nothing less than sinful blasphemy. Do yourself a big favour and watch
Taare Zameen Par before you die ! Trust me its worth it !!!

Have a sneak peek -

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