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Monday, March 17, 2008

Catch up time !

Its been a crazy week what with Class 2 - Body Mechanics slowly and steadily coming to an end here at Animation Mentor. Time is really flying these days, the saying "good times seem to pass by fast" is indeed true. Its just awesome how much i have seem to learn in the past 3 months of Class 2 and overall past 6 months here at Animation Mentor.

The entire credit should go to the Bobby, Shawn and Carlos, the very motivating Mentors, AM support staff (Student Care, Technical, et al) and of course my super class mates. All of you make AM so much fun. I wish all the schools were like this !

Last week was quite eventful, here at AM what with many of my senior class mates getting their dream jobs in PDI, Dreamworks, etc. Yes you read that right and your eye sight is totally fine. Its indeed PDI and Dreamworks. This is what AM is all about. Its make me feel that much more nice and confident that coming to AM was indeed one of my best decisions in life and that i am inching towards my dream job which i am sure would happen some day !

Also i will be soon posting my work from Class 1 and Class 2 (hopefully) as and when i get the time to do it. Class 3 is beginning next month and this is where the real animation with acting and all starts to unfold. But i will definitely try to at least start posting my progress, one by one, so far here at Animation Mentor.

Last week, i saw a movie. It was one of those movies, which stays with you with a long time even after coming out of the theater and makes you see life in a different perception.

In fact the movie was so good (understatement) that i had to delay my post of Weekly Movie Recommendation for last week, because i just had to share this one with you all. And because of my Sunday assignment submission, things got crazy at the end and i just couldn't get time to blog the post.

So more info on "that" movie in my next post !

Till then...cheers !

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Mahesh Bisht said...

Hey man...whts up nice to see many update through ur blog....

which studio u r working here in India..and also lov to see some of ur AM work...

keep Animating:)

Mahesh Bisht