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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gift For A New Year 2009

A new year has come. Along with it, it has brought new hopes, new aspirations, new dreams, new goals, new commitments, new obstacles, new happiness, new sadness, new relationships, new experiences, new learning....in short a new life !! It doesn't matter how you were yesterday - 31st December 2008. Whether you were sick, healthy, financially strong, financially struggling, in despair, in hope or whatever ! Doesn't matter at all ! What matters is how you will be this coming year.

You cannot change the past, almost each one of us look back often and wish what if i had done this differently i would have been have been more happier or more rich or more independent and so on. Get this thing straight - you cannot have a better past. But you can definitely change your present and your future. The best thing you can do RIGHT NOW is to just forget the past, forget the bad times but remember the good times. Learn from your experiences and commit to yourself not to repeat those mistakes beginning today.

One of my dear well wisher sent me this
wonderful link and i thought sharing this with you will be the best gift i can give you this new year.

Every time i see this i feel so good and inspired. I am that much more raring to go from that moment itself. Each one of us at sometime face professional and personal challenges. As human beings the least we can do is to encourage others in their time of adversity.

So if you like this clip, please send it your near and dear ones, a friend, co-workers, anyone you care about or who you think can benefit from this.

Wishing you a wonderful new year 2009 !

Life CAN be phenomenal, it SHOULD be and WILL be !

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