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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Award at Siggraph Asia !

(Only if I knew before, I would have delivered a better acceptance speech ! )


Got an award for being one of the Top Ten Student Volunteers(SV) at Siggraph Asia, Singapore who performed brilliantly during the Conference-Exhibhition and did an extra-ordinary job as a SV. 

For me its a huge honor to be recognized by the Siggraph Asia SV Chair/Committee Members/Team Leads and that too at such a prestigious event as Siggraph Asia. There were around 140 SV's(from different countries) in total and they chose the best ten !!! So you can imagine my excitement !!!! 

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Josh Corken said...

Congratulations man! It is truly an honor and just shows that we were on our game and will be back for more SIGGRAPH in the future!

I can't wait!