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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Animation Magazine on the block : Go Motion Mag !

I heard about this new magazine - Go Motion Mag,  being launched and only when i read about it more, i came to know this one is specially for animators and everything related to animation primarily. Hmmm...interesting ! Though it does have other aspects too like modelling and so on but the focus is on Animation. 

To be frank, i didnt expect much from it. There are already so many "arts" magazine out there and i thought one more added to the list.

Since they had their first issue available online in pdf format and downloadable for free, i thought of giving it a try. And oh boy, i am glad i did. The content of the magazine was quite refreshingly and whats more is that its more about Animation and other things too and not the other way around. 

Their first issue cover story is about Kung Fu Panda and has around 30 pages of Production Notes ! Yes 30 ! Its the most ever detailed about "behind the scenes" of Kung Fu Panda i ever came across online. Fantastic read. 

Some other sections like "Animation Workflow", "Animation Tips and Tricks" are equally insightful and interesting.

Now i can go on and on, so before i spoil your reading pleasure, i suggest getting the pdf right away. 

I am not sure whether the magazine will be available in print here in India, but if you are in US, i highly recommend checking it out at your local book store.

The only thing i hope is that even the forthcoming issues are as interesting as their first issues and considering their first one, i am anticipating it will be ! 

Happy Reading and Animating !

Ciao !


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