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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekly Movie Recommendations : 3rd Janurary 2009 - 9th Janurary 2009

Red River(1948)

Genre - Western/Action/Adventure

Cast - John Wayne, Montgomery Clift

Directed By - Howard Hawks, Arthur Rosson

Whats It About - Dunson(Wayne) is driving his cattle to Red River when his adopted son, Matthew, turns against him.

Why To Watch It - RED RIVER, Howard Hawks's masterpiece, is one of the greatest Westerns ever filmed, a saga of obsession and rivalry between a man and his adoptive son amid an epic struggle for survival in the Old West.

Tom Dunson (John Wayne) journeys west to Texas to build a cattle empire and adopts Matthew Garth, a young boy orphaned by an Indian raid. Years later, Matthew (Montgomery Clift) returns from the Civil War and joins Dunson on a massive cattle drive north undertaken to avoid financial ruin. Stampedes and Indian attacks build tension, but it is Dunson's ironfisted leadership that causes the most problems, finally bringing the action to a boiling point that pits father against son.

This bold canvas of the American frontier features stirring performances, including Clift in his first film and Wayne in one of his finest and most complex roles, stunning photography shot on location in Arizona, and a perfect balance of action, drama, romance, and comedy from one of Hollywood's greatest directors.

P.S. - Trailer not available, nevertheless its a great Western movie not to be missed !

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