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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Class 2 Progress Demo Reel as a Student At AnimationMentor.com

Here is my 3 months of hardwork during my Class 2 - Body Mechanics at Animation Mentor - Character Animation School.

Although i should have posted this earlier, but then i moved to Class 3, things got busy and was caught up with life so i hardly got time to polish and compile it. Anyways, better late than never !

These 3 months were super fun and a huge learning experience. Body mechanics was one area where i was lacking a lot and i was looking for solid guidance prior to joining Animation Mentor. And thankfully i was lucky to have a mentor like Dana Boadway who was extremely supportive and encouraging. With huge experience in Animation, Art, Theatre and what not and a trained dancer with around 15 years of dancing experience, she sure knows what she is talking about.

Body mechanics is the foundation for any animator wanting to pursue a career in Animation. Whatever I learnt in Class 1 - Basic Foundations started to making more sense in Class 2. Body physicality and believability in motion just cannot be ignored. No matter how much detail you put in terms of acting and emotions, if your overall motion is not working, it just wont connect with the audience and it will fall flat.

I wont say i have mastered Body Mechanics, but i definitely see a massive improvement in my understanding of it and hopefully it will show in the following video. In animation the more you learn it seems the less you know. Thats the beauty of this field. Every day is a fresh day with loads of stuff to learn and immerse in your self.

Animation is never finished, its just abandoned as every time you see it there is always scope for improvement. I am sure there is quite a lot which can be refined, but i am not sure whether i would go back and tweak more. Its easy to get stuck with a particular piece of animation and its important to move on. So I guess i would try something different to keep getting better at it. But so far i am quite pleased with what i have done so far. Thanks Dana ! :-)

Hope you like it !

Feedback/suggestions/advise/comments are always welcome !

P.S. - Requires QuickTime

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