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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Like i said, i will be posting some cool things, well i couldn't have started with a better thing than this !

Animation Mentor has released its 4th Student Showcase !!!

Quote from the school -

"Welcome to our 2008 Summer Student Showcase! This reel is a compilation of creative work from 31 of our students, who reside all over the world in countries ranging from India to Germany to the U.S. to Australia and Brazil. Each of the featured clips was created exclusively by our students, demonstrating our students’ solid knowledge of character animation concepts.

The 2008 Summer Student Showcase, which is the fourth installment of our Student Showcase to date, is a testimony to why so many of Animation Mentor graduates have landed jobs at studios. The reel exhibits our students understanding and principles of body mechanics, weight, character arc, acting techniques, and demonstrates our students’ ability to show emotion and concepts that add life and originality to characters.

We hope you enjoy the showcase and are inspired by the amazing and imaginative work!"

Enjoy the impressive work right here.

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