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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catch Up Time !!!

Hi, firstly my apologises for not posting anything for sometime. A lot has being going on lately in all facets of my life and so far everything seems to be in positive color. By gods grace it will remain this way for a long time to come.

To begin with me and my family have moved to a new city, Mumbai. And trust me moving to a new place is so so much of work, what with first packing, then unpacking, settling down, getting the basic things like in place like a phone connection, broadband connection, new bank accounts and so on. Its been 10 days since i moved in to my house, but its only today that my broadband connection has been setup, so you can imagine my restlessness in the last few days.

Though the settling down is far from over, atleast with my broadband connection now active i can get back in the groove. Since i moved in i realised how we take for granted basic things like these and only when we are inaccessible to these very things we feel how handicap we are. Technology has definitely made our lives easier but provided we dont have to wait for the technology wherever we are located. I guess all these is a part of moving and settling down to a new place. Its an experience nevertheeless.

While i was away, loads of stuff been happening. Animation Mentor wrapped up yet another graduation of their ninja students and with what i heard it was a blast, the best ever graduation ceremony so far. Siggraph - the biggest every CG festival also happened. There is so much to catch up as every year Siggraph is one of those events which no artist would want to miss. Though ofcourse nothing can beat being there physically, but atleast something is better than nothing and hence the online world can be a very effective substitute in the form of forums, blogs, where people share their Siggraph experience and are kind enough to keep the dope flowing for all those who couldnt be there in person. I will try to post something about it as and when i come across something which is super exciting and need to be told. I am also busy working with my Class 2 Assignments at Animation Mentor and getting it ready for public consumption. :-D

So keep watching this space as there is a lot of exciting stuff which i will be sharing with you all!


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