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Saturday, January 12, 2008

First QNA in Class 2 and i am a PEER BUDDY now !!!

Last week i had my first QNA for class 2 with my fantastic mentor and my new cool classmates.

It was simply rocking to say the least. Im indeed glad to have such a mentor. Dana was extremely friendly and so interactive in her approach. That helps a lot in getting along and to ask her just about any question. This class will definitely be a huge learning experience for me.

And another exciting thing which happened yesterday was that i got a mail from my school support staff at AnimationMentor that i have been made a PEER BUDDY !!! Wow, that was one of the best news i heard lately and really made my day. Now what is this PEER BUDDY you must be wondering.

The main purpose of the Peer Buddies program is to build a sense of community and support for all students Animation Mentor.As a peer buddy, we are asked to be available as a pillar of support for underclassmen: be available to chat, offer suggestions for their assignments, invite them to student-run functions, and overall help everyone feel like a part of the Animation Mentor community. This is not necessarily(but can be) Maya support, or technical support but more kind of a moral support and encouragement from a fellow student.

The reason i so wanted to be a part of this programme was that i had benefited a lot from my PEER BUDDY when i was in Class 1. So i wanted to extend the same support and help to new students joining in Class 1. Being at AnimationMentor can be quite intimidating with so many talented people around and so much stuff on hands to learn and to do. And besides you never know when you hit a road block in terms of technical issue or creative block. So in these times, some one to talk to really helps. Not that only PEER BUDDIES will help you when you need, each and everyone at the school is so supportive, but just that it sort of assigns you to a person(Peer Buddy) who will give you a slight priority and a bit more time than he may give to other students.

So loads of stuff happening now...will try to share as much as i can.

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