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Friday, January 4, 2008

Another year passes, another one comes along...

First things first...Wishing you all a very happy new year 2008.

Hope all of you have sobered up after the nonstop parties and euphoria, starting right from Christmas and continuing till the first day of the new year.....or may be for some till second day (hangover has a funny way of extending its unwelcome presence) !

For those who are still in a celebration mood, well what can i say, cheers to you ! After all what better of beginning a new year than partying and spending time with your near and dear ones.

So another batch of 365 days just went by, time certainly flies and another batch of 365 days are already in queue in each one of our lives. Whats most exciting of this yet to be seen visitors(days) standing on our doorstep is that you don't know what it will bring. The hand of fate as always is a mystery and you never know of it till the last moment.

Now looking back at 2007, i am sure different people have different memories. Some good, some unfortunately bad or may be not so good. Some were overjoyed by their annual monetary increments, some were made to think "why do i always get paid less than what i deserve", some welcomed a new partner in their lives by getting married, some welcomed one more addition in their lives in terms of having a kid(for all those who were thinking of another wife, well to each his own !). So as you see, life goes on no matter what. You are happy one day, the next day you feel the world around you is crumbling. As some one said to enjoy good, you need to experience bad and vice versa. Just imagine if each single day of your life will be good, then you will no longer appreciate the "good" days. You will feel like just another day" Its only after night that the day is awaited for it brings a new hope, a new spirit, a new vigor. Just imagine if the sun never sets, gosh that will be so boring, after all evenings have their own excitement of returning back from work spending time with your family and friends, going out for a drink, having a night of revelry in night clubs and so on. The point i am making here is that everything good or bad has its own place in our lives, its just that the duration of each differs. Life is certainly not a bed of roses as we all know. So instead of feeling completely down and dejected we might as well get more determined in turning away the bad times in return for good times. I just cant resist sharing with you all a quote i read somewhere -

"The real success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm"

Ok i guess you have wasted enough of your precious time reading my post, so before i start drifting again, lets begin this year on a positive note and optimism. Forget the year went by, brooding over it wont make your coming year better, it will just make it worse. And for those who had a fantastic last year and feeling skeptical how this year will turn out, well don't be sad that its over, smile that it at least happened.

Just remember after every night morning will certainly come.

Hope all your dreams, aspirations, endeavors turn out for good in 2008 !

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