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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Been busy...

Its been almost 2 weeks since i last posted. The reason been i have been quite busy with my Class 2 here at AnimationMentor.com and i have been also traveling a bit. So after effects of all this is that my blog is devoid of regular posts. So my plan of keeping my blog updated as much as often is definitely not working ! :-) But i have plans to change this....very soon !!!

Class 2 began with 180 degree turn. The emphasis of this assignment is get our body mechanics like - weight shift, movements in order and also applying all the principles of animation we learnt in Class 1 like Timing and Spacing, Overlaps, Squash and Stretch, Arcs, Path of Action, Anticipation.

Watch out for my next couple of posts for the blocking of it.

Also i will be writing about some thing which i have observing, thinking from life around me. All i can say is that it will be different from the posts i have so far. Well is the curiosity getting the better of you ?? Well then you better keep watching this space to satiate your curiosity.

Till then adieu ....

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