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Saturday, February 6, 2010

BLOG Revamp, Done !

Hello friends !

Yes! Finally I have managed to change my Blog, more Visually with slight content change which would be more prominent hopefully in times to come.

What has changed -

  • I have a plain white theme(template), against the colored them before. I found this more pleasing or may be because I had got bored of the previous template. Also content looks more elegant on a white seamless template. Though I am keen to experiment with different colors using the same template, but for now and for a good enough time this would remain.
  • I now have a face suitable for public consumption and hence my photo in the Profile !
  • About me text has changed because who I was when I started this blog and who am I at present has also gone thru many different transformations at different levels.
  • The right navigation links is now less cluttered with only those links which I truly like. Before it was all about filling as much on my Blog. I still want to edit/add a few things though. All in due time !
  • Post wise, I have a few ideas in mind which would be slightly different in nature than what I have been posting now. Again, all in due time.
I guess that's all about it ! Let me know whether you like this new design or if you have any suggestions in any aspect of my blogging endeavors !

Looking forward to your patronage as always !

Thanks !


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