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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time To Revamp and Clear the Clutter !

Hello friends,

Its been around 2 years since I first took the step to enter the blog-o-sphere. When I started I didn't have much of a road map ahead as to what I am going to be posting now. But within no time, I was in the groove and was having fun posting on my Blog.

Though I was always were picky and careful as to what I wanted to post about, I have realised over time my blog became a bit cluttered. Also I have seen many blogger(s), have a revamp/re-design of their blog occasionally and I thought why not try it myself. I believe this is part of the process of growing up at different levels !

So on a note to clear the clutter and revamp my blog, I have decided to put all my postings on hold and come back with a new blog. The change will be more in the form of appearance and may be a bit about the content as I am still quite clear what I want to share on my blog and so the essence will still remain the same.

If I have made sense so far through my posts, I look forward to continuing the tradition in future too ! :-)

Thank you!


P.S. - I cannot commit a certain time frame, when the revamp will happen, it can happen in a day or a week or a couple of weeks, but its my endeavor to make it happen asap.

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