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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catch Up Time

Its been quite sometime since i posted on the blog. So i thought i will let you know a bit as to what was keeping me occupied.

Firstly my sister and my beautiful 3 years old niece are here in India on their holidays. So i am trying to spend as much time i can. Family definitely comes first for me. And since they stay outside India, i really look forward to spend some time with them. Nothing can take the place of your near and dear ones and the times we spend with them is truly cherished for a long long time.

Then i was in goa for about 4 days with family. It had been a long time since i had gone on holiday and specially with family. And since my new term at Animation Mentor(AM) was yet to start, it was the perfect way to rejuvenate before starting a new term at AM. Hopefully, I will try to post some photos about my goa trip and bit about the entire trip.

And finally, my new term Class 4 - Advanced Acting has started here on AM. I was on a break last term and since 3 months a lot has improvised over AM, what with many new mentors and a super fast new site. Though the changes are majority on the back end side, so it feels more faster and am sure in times to come i shall feel more difference in the overall working of the site. Kudos to AM team for their new much faster and spruced up student's site.

My mentor for this term is Sean Ermery. He is a freelance artist and his last stint was with ReelFX as an animator on several projects including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Open Season 2 (releasing on DVD in the beginning of next year). I had my first QNA with him last night and seems to be a cool guy and i am really anticipating a fun filled Class 4.

I guess thats all whats been happening at my side. I will try to post more regularly in times to come.

And oh yes...AnimationMentor.com has launched a new completely redesigned site with a new section for free animation resources for animators. Its looking great overall. Check it out here !

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