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Monday, February 4, 2008

Wall-E Vacuum Clip for Super Bowl !

Check out the new and wonderful Super Bowl commercial created by Pixar and featuring Wall-E. Infact one of the very talented mentors from AnimationMentor, Victor Navone did the animation for the commercial.

This is what he had to say -

"The spot is 1 minute long, and I actually did a full minute of WALL-E animation, though they had to cut a lot out to make room for the Buzz and Woody bits. Hopefully they will release the uncut version on the web. We had a very short time to produce this ad, so there are some rough edges, but I think it turned out pretty well. I had about 4 weeks to do the WALL-E stuff from start to finish, and I had some help from Don Crum, Wendell Lee and Sarah Mercey. Luckily robots are much faster to animate than humans and rats! The hardest part was probably animating the vacuum hose. The power cord was simulated, thankfully."

Watch the commercial here....

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