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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Animation Test - Pantomime

On similar lines of my previous Anim Tests, this time I wanted to do a Pantomime. These Anim Tests is my endeavor to keep pushing and exploring my skills.

Pantomime in my view is one the toughest thing to do in Animation, because all you have is an empty slate and you have to make a meaningful performance out of it. When you Animate to a audio clip, you have the cues in the Audio itself, as to how the timing can be, where are the main accents and so on. But in Pantomime you have nothing at all. That's what makes it so challenging and at the same time very very rewarding.

Initially I had also planned to have a full detail facial performance built in the scene, but then I wanted to further push myself and emote just using the Body Language primarily.

Physicality & Pantomime from Anirudh Bhalotia on Vimeo.

Whether I have succeeded or not, feedback is most welcome ! Thanks!



Josh Corken said...

Ani, looks really good. I haven't had the chance to do an animation like this. I usually have cues or something like that.

One of my only critiques would be at about 2 seconds he raises himself on his toes it looks like, while he's waiting. Instead, you may want to have him tap his foot a few times as if he's impatiently waiting for his food to cook. Just a thought.

Overall though, nice animation. A bit more tweaking and it'll be really strong!

@b said...

Thanks Josh for your kind words and your suggestions to improvise this one !

Sam said...

Hey, interesting idea. I just feel like the guy is pulling so much, but with all that energy he is using he would fall down if the object broke off. If he was not pulling that much, then it would look believable that he caught himself in time.
Also, he does the smelling action before the food is even ready. I think it would read better if we first here the buzzer indicating that the food is ready and then have him smelling the air like it's good.

When he falls back, I think the timing should be faster, again because of the force.
I like the idea of the goofy character trying to pry open the microwave.
Would love to see more!