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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Self Growth : Taming Anger

As mentioned in my previous post, Self Growth is one of my many endeavors I want to explore as much as I can. Though I have shared a few articles here and there, from now onwards I will be doing it on a more regular basis.

I came across this fantastic article on getting a grip on our anger. Though I strongly suggest reading the full article, here is an excerpt which is super useful for me and should be for you too -


There’s now widespread agreement among anger experts that it’s better to evaluate angry feelings before acting on or even accepting them. Williams is a leading proponent of this view; he recommends asking yourself four specific questions whenever you feel angry:

  1. Is the situation or event that triggered my anger important? That is, is the thing that triggered my rage something that threatens my well-being?
  2. Given the situation or event, is my anger appropriate? Faced with the same circumstances, would the average person get angry?
  3. Is the situation modifiable? Is there something I can do to change it for the better?
  4. Is it worth it to try to modify the situation? That is, is it worth my time and effort?

Source for the above excerpt.

So next time you get angry or are on the verge of getting, ask yourself the above 4 questions.



Josh Corken said...

Really helpful post. Precise and to the point. I'm always trying to ask myself those questions when I get mad, but sometimes it is hard.

A friendly reminder never hurts.

Maulik said...

Have you heard of Vipassana? It's a form of meditation technique. It talks about being aware of your inside so that you are aware of feelings before they surface. And for anger this is very important. I am no expert but I attended their one 10 day course and it helped me.

@b said...

@Maulik - Yes I have heard of Vipassana, but not many people will be willing or will have time to do this since its a 10 day course and it may not be available in their region.

I wanted to share something, which is more shorter and immediate remedy for at least short term. And once you do something regular, it become long term.

I have myself experienced that asking the questions mentioned above, I am able to think in a different perspective and my anger is tamed to a considerable extent.