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Friday, March 27, 2009

AM Class 5 - Short Film 2D Animatic

As mentioned in my last "Catch Up Time" post, here is the fruit of my Class 5 work at Animation Mentor.

I was totally petrified by this Class 5, as we had to make an entire animatic on paper on our own ! The very thought thought of drawing kind of gives me the scares and to draw a full animatic and to convey my story and to make sense from it was a huge uphill task for me. But as I started and progressed I was getting quite comfortable. The main thing of this assignment was to have a sense of clarity and vision of your entire story and actions(to an extent) before we even opened our 3D application, which is a very prudent thing to do. Also storyboard is a very fast and efficient to test your ideas by not wasting too much as would happen if we directly go to our 3D application without any idea at all.

You can try framing/composition/angles/poses which wont take more than 60 seconds for one panel (say idea, beat, action) and incase you not satisfied you can chuck it off in the trash and move on. In 3D it will take a lot of time and since we have would have already spent so much time, making corrections or discarding it altogether can be that much more difficult(its a mind thing actually).

Ok enough of my rant. Lets get to the animatic right away.

Short Film 2D Animatic from Anirudh Bhalotia on Vimeo.

P.S. - Due to some reason I am unable to upload my 3D Layout. I will try posting it in my next post. May be it was just my connection playing spoilsport or may be it was the size of the video. I don't know the exact reason as yet.

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