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Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly Movie Recommendations : 12th July 2008 - 18th July 2008

Orfanato, El(The Orphanage)(2007)

Genre - Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Language - Spanish (DVD will have English sub-titles)

Cast - Belen Rueda, Roger Princep, Fernando Cayo

Whats It About - A woman brings her family back to her childhood home, where she opens an orphanage for handicapped children. Before long, her son starts to communicate with an invisible new friend.

Why To Watch It - Before i begin with the review, i have to confess that i am not a very big fan of horror movies, not that i don't like them but for the very simple reason that horror movies are a niche segment, which if not handled properly can be extremely bad or more of a comedy than horror. As like in other genres its the subtle stuff which lingers in audience's mind for which a delicate treatment is required to really understand the audience's psyche. If its too in your face audience might get shocked(not scared) and if its too ignored, it will taste more of drama than horror. And so far there has been very few, actually just a handful which actually communicated the sense of horror the way it should be. The Orphanage is among the few.

The Orphanage is one of those rare horror movies, which is truly disturbing and unsettling. And this is not just during the film but even afterwards the story and the events will remain in your mind much after the movie comes to an end. And is what is truly wonderful is that it chills your spine without showing any gory creatures or blood. This is the true power of film making. Just with the performances, the background sound, the camera angles used, the pace of the movie, the timing of the occurrence of events and doing the editing sensibly we virtually take our audiences in a completely different world. Add to it that its in a different language, Spanish, it proves emotions and impeccable film making has really no language. A person feeling scared will appear scared without any need of dialogs or whether the film is made in English or Spanish or French, provided of course it has been executed well.

But what makes The Orphanage an even greater achievement is its insistence on being more than just a superficial scare-fest. The film makers are more interested in deeper themes of memory, loss, and grief, establishing the lead character as a mother who feels guilt over not being able to protect her child from outside forces. The result is a film that is both unsettling and moving. The Orphanage is morbid yet beautiful !

At your own risk, have a glimpse of
The Orphanage right here -

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