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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BLOGS will never be the same again - Animation Mentor launches its own BLOG !

Animation Mentor and its team of crazy enthusiastic talented people never ceases to innovate and surprise me !

After building a world class animation school and that too online, after hosting webinars, where their co-founders share their knowledge and after having their monthly newsletter (full of informative stuff regarding the school, animation related insights, cool tips and tricks to improve our animation) and which has a huge fan following month after month, they have gone one step ahead and started their own blog !!! Yes you heard me right !

To quote Shawn Kelly, one of the co-founders and author of the Tips & Tricks section of their monthly newsletter -

"Hello there! Welcome to the first AM blog!

If you're reading this, you probably already know that I write an animation Tips & Tricks article for our monthly newsletter. This blog will be a place where I can publicly answer some of the emailed questions I get that I just don't have room to answer in the newsletter. (Let's face it - if my newsletter articles get any longer, they'll have to design a whole new internet to accommodate them!)

We'll also be posting some stuff from the newsletters in here (mostly stuff that didn't make it into the ebook) in the hopes of spreading that info around a bit more, so if you're a longtime reader you'll probably notice some repeats, but there will be plenty of new content for you guys as well...

As always, feel free to email questions, complaints, ideas, feedback, and your favorite drink recipes to me at:

And a big special thanks to Eunice Park, Kris Larson, Rachel Ito, and Big Michael Dauz for helping get this set up and making it look so pretty!

Shawn :)"

So what are you waiting, join the party !!!

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