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Monday, December 24, 2007

My first MENTOR !

My first mentor for Class 1 was, is a super talented animator who has worked in some of the most renowned animation production studios in US, such as PDI, Rough Draft, Rhythm and Hues, Dreamworks and ILM. Just a couple of weeks back he has been called by Wall-E to help him come to life. Confused whats Wall-E ?? Well for all you non-animation geeks, Wall-E is the next full feature animation film from PIXAR !!! Yes your eyes are totally fine and you are reading PIXAR !!! He has moved to PIXAR now and is helping the brilliant PIXAR team to get another OSCAR in the bag !

Well i guess i am not doing justice to my Mentor by my understatements !! Check out his talents and some of his work by yourself at his BLOG and his very inspiring interview about being a mentor and everything animation at AnimationMentor.com.

By the way he does has an identity and is called by the name CHRIS CHUA !

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